Dr. Louis Mattar

Faculty: Sport, Health and Physical Education- Vancouver Island University

Title: Professor 

CSEP member: since 2006







What do you wish you had known when you were in graduate school?

Teaching is an amazingly rewarding activity.

What information/ advice did you learn in graduate school that has been most influential?

Writing and presenting with clear, simple language is critical for success in any discipline.

    Where do you think exercise physiology graduates are most needed?

    In knowledge translation. Getting the public informed of the necessity of healthy, active lifestyle.

    Where do you see your overall area of research headed in the next 5 years?

    Teaching is my mandate, but I do see developing an undergraduate research program focusing on exercise and cardiovascular health, to expose undergraduate students to the basic and primary research.

    Outside your own interests, what area of exercise science/ physiology do you find most exciting right now?

    I think that exercise adherence, and public education on the need for healthy lifestyles and physical activity are really important.

    Why is being a CSEP Academic Member important to you?

    Advocacy, and access to APNM.

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