Dr. Todd Duhamel

Faculty: Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management- University of Manitoba

Title: Assistant Professor

CSEP member: since 2004




What do you wish you had known when you were in graduate school?

Grad students need to develop an awareness of what is happening on the national stage so they can learn from examples of best practice or success.

What information/ advice did you learn in graduate school that has been most influential?

Manage your time well, so you are prepared to move multiple projects forward at the same time. This skill will be critical as you move forward in your career.

Where do you think exercise physiology graduates are most needed?

Graduates with an understanding of exercise physiology have opportunities in health care, pharmaceutical companies and the technology sector. Biomedical technology is a rapidly developing sector that needs expertise from exercise physiologists.

Where do you see your overall area of research in the next 5 years?

My research will be focusing on strategies to de-frail an aging population. We need to more fully understand how exercise can slow or reverse the progression of frailty because it is a risk factor for poor health.

Outside of your own interests, what area of exercise science/ physiology do you find most exciting right now?

The emerging understanding of physical activity behavior and genetics is fascinating.

Why is being a CSEP Academic Member important to you?

CSEP is a strong organization because it is rooted in scientific knowledge and actively works to support the application of that knowledge in a variety of settings, such as sport and health.

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