Dr. Ira Jacobs

Faculty: Kinesiology and Physical Education- University of Toronto

Title: Professor and Dean

CSEP member: since 1985








What do you wish you had known when you were in graduate school?

The range of opportunities to pursue exercise physiology research as a professional career, in addition to those in academia.

What information/ advice did you learn in graduate school that has been most influential?

How to communicate scientifically and how to adjust that communication for different audiences who may be specialists or laypeople. Get out of your comfort zone and, for example, move to study in another country.

Where do you think exercise physiology graduates are most needed?

Integrated health provider teams, government policy and program development (federal, provincial and municipal, high performance sports.

Where do you see your overall area of research headed in the next 5 years?

I am currently engaged in research to understand the effects of exercise on the pharmacokinetics of commonly prescribed drugs.

Outside of your own interests, what area of exercise science/physiology do you find most exciting right now?


Why is being a CSEP Academic Member important to you?

In recent decades, Canada has always been at the international forefront of exercise physiology research. The collaborative networking opportunities in Canada are rich and fertile ground for progress, and our annual CSEP conference is a fantastic opportunity for continuing professional development and knowledge transfer. 


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