Dr. Phillip Chilibeck

Faculty: College of Kinesiology- University of Saskatchewan

Title: Professor

CSEP member: since 1988







What do you wish you had known when you were in graduate school?

The importance of proper time-management strategies.

What information/ advice did you learn in graduate school that has been most influential?

  • How to write more efficiently
  • The importance of keeping up with reading of the scientific literature
  • The importance of having good mentors
  • How not owning a T.V. dramatically increases your productivity and improves your lifestyle.

Where do you think exercise physiology graduates are most needed?

I would like to see more of our exercise physiology graduates apply for graduate school; however, they are most likely needed in areas such as personal training, medicine, and physical therapy. Although the latter occupation may at times seem to be in competition with exercise physiologists, I think a Kinesiology degree or exercise physiology background can dramatically increase the quality of a physiotherapist.

Where do you see your overall area of research headed in the next 5 years?

Research on:

  • The use of foods with low glycemic index for improving metabolic health and exercise performance.
  • The use of novel nutritional supplements and exercise programs for improving musculoskeletal health.

Outside your own interests, what area of exercise science/ physiology do you find most exciting right now?

The importance of satellite cells; activation of signaling pathways to increase protein synthesis; deactivation of pathways to prevent protein degradation.

Why is being a CSEP Academic Member important to you?

As a CSEP academic member I think I have better opportunities to translate my research into useful information for CSEP-Certified exercise professionals (i.e. CSEP-CEPs, CSEP-CPTs), and other health-care practitioners.

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