CSEP Professional Standards Program® – CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® (CSEP-CPT)

CSEP Certified Personal Trainers®  (CSEP-CPT) works with individuals to meet their healthy lifestyle goals using an evidence-informed approach acquired through post-secondary education. A CSEP-CPT administers the CSEP-PATH®  process for assessing, gathering, and applying information about a client's physical activity fitness, and sedentary behaviour levels to inform the development of client-tailored physical activity, fitness and lifestyle plan. 

Where can CSEP-CPTs work?

As a CSEP-CPT, your certification will stand out among all other fitness certifications in Canada for its foundations in evidence-informed research and development.

A CSEP-CPT’s clientele may include:

  • Apparently healthy individuals
  • Individuals with a stable health condition who are able to exercise independently
  • Individuals of all ages

Among our over 4000 CSEP-CPTs currently certified, our members have found employment in the areas of:

  • Private and Public-funded Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Municipal Recreation Centres
  • University/College Fitness Facilities
  • Fitness establishments across Canada
  • Private Clinics

CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice 

The CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice defines the actions and activities that CSEP Certified Personal Trainers® are qualified and insured to perform under their defined certification. View the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice

High Intensity Interval Training: In recent years, interval training in the forms of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT) have become a popular form of exercise. A document was developed to identify questions from CSEP-CPTs on High Intensity Interval Training  and their Scope of Practice view it here

Requirements & Certification Process 

Steps to Becoming CSEP Certified

View the 5 Steps to Becoming CSEP Certified  to help guide you through the certification process. The CSEP team will provide you with communication and detailed instructions at each step of the process including registration links.

Recommended Course Maps

When planning to pursue CSEP certification reference the CSEP Recommended Course maps to help guide you to courses that will help ensure you qualify and have the required knowledge to challenge the exams. The RCMs are developed to help set you up for success. 

View CSEP Recommended Course Maps

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