CSEP Graduate Student Committee (GSC) - Terms of Reference


The purpose of the CSEP graduate student committee (GSC) is to increase graduate and undergraduate student involvement within the society by enhancing and creating student orientated programs. The GSC will communicate students'' needs, questions and initiatives to the CSEP Board of Directors in an effort to cultivate a spirit of interest and fellowship within the society.


Full membership in the GSC shall be restricted to CSEP student members according to CSEP by-law Article II.(iii). Full membership requires annual payment of CSEP student membership dues. Each student member has a single vote for determining student representation on this committee.

Executive Representation

The GSC includes a total of eleven (11) student representatives who have been elected by their peers during the annual GSC election. All executive committee positions, with the exception of the Chair-elect, are for a term of 1 year (November 1 to October 31). Executive members may seek re-election for a second term, either in the position they currently hold, or a new position on the executive council. Any one person may not hold more than one position at one time. If this scenario does occur, the person must resign from one of the positions held and the GSC executive will select a replacement.

One committee member will hold the position of Chair and will serve as chair for one year. The Chair will coordinate communication between GSC executive members and will organize and assign action items to be completed by GSC over the course of the year. The Chair will also sit on the CSEP Board of Directors as a Voting Member (board liaison) and will communicate directly with the CSEP Board of Directors. At the end of a term of office, the out going Chair will be replaced by the current Chair-elect.

One committee member will serve as Chair-elect, and will serve for one year as Chair-elect, which is then followed by one year as Chair.

One committee member will serve as Communication Officer and will be responsible for developing GSC communications/literature that will be dispersed to CSEP student members. The Communication Officer will be responsible for publishing an email communiqué each semester.

The remaining 8 GSC executive positions will be Members-at-large and will be responsible for completing GSC tasks as they are assigned during the course of the year.

Election process

All positions, with the exception of the new Chair, will be elected annually by the entire CSEP student membership. The new Chair will be promoted from the former Chair-elect as stated within these guidelines.

To be elected, GSC nominees must be a student member of CSEP and be enrolled in a graduate program at the time of the election. Although it is recommended that all representatives be enrolled in graduate studies during the tenure of their position, it is possible that representatives may serve part of their tenure after the completion of their graduate program. For example, the Chair-Elect may be in his/her last year of graduate studies when elected and may serve his/her term as Chair after having graduated.

Ideally, the GSC will have regional representation. Therefore, it is recommended that the committee have at least 1 member from each of the following 5 regions: West (British Columbia and Alberta), Central (Manitoba, Saskatchewan), Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern (Atlantic Provinces). The remaining positions will be open and may be held by any CSEP student member. If regional representation cannot be fulfilled due to the lack of an interested nominee, the regional position will be vacated and may be held by any CSEP student member until the next election.

Executive positions shall be elected by a majority of the CSEP student membership through a ballot. A call for nominations for GSC executive positions shall be sent to all CSEP student members in September of each year. The CSEP GSC must receive nominations for GSC executive positions no later than the specified date indicated by the call for nominations. Fifteen (15%) of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum for an election.

Voting Procedure:

Each voting student member shall be sent by electronic media a voting package containing the following information:

  • a list of GSC nominees names.
  • a 1 page summary of candidate qualifications and election platform.
  • a notice of the voting deadline which shall be 10 clear days from the date the voting package is sent to the Voting Members.

The voting student member shall respond by electronic media by clearly indicating his or her support for a GSC candidate, along with his or her name and membership number, to the GSC committee on or before the voting deadline.

Each Voting Member who responds before the voting deadline shall be included in the determination of a quorum. Lack of a response on or before the voting deadline shall be treated as an abstention.

The votes shall be tallied within 10 business days after the voting deadline.

The GSC shall inform each Voting Member by email of the outcome of all votes by sending such notice by email within 10 clear days of the tally of votes.

If there are an insufficient number of candidates to fill the 10 GSC executive positions, an election is not necessary and the candidates will be acclaimed to the position of their choice. However, in the event that two or more candidates are interested in running for the position of Chair-elect, an election may be held to determine who will serve as Chair-elect.

In the event that an executive position is vacant due to a limited number of candidates by the specified date indicated by the call for nominations, the GSC executive should use the CSEP national meeting to recruit new candidates to join the GSC executive.

If a position becomes vacant on the GSC executive committee between usual election dates, the position shall be filled by a majority vote of the GSC executive at any regular meeting, from a list of nominees submitted to the GSC executive. The new GSC executive member so elected shall complete the term of office until the next GSC election is held. If the Chair is unable to serve the full term of their appointment, the Chair-elect will assume Chair responsibilities and a by-election will be held to elect a new Chair-elect.


The GSC Executive has the following powers and authorities:

  • To administer the day-to-day business and operations of the GSC.
  • To develop and deliver student-orientated activities for CSEP.
  • To prepare the GSC budget for final recommendation to the CSEP Board of Directors.
  • To liaise with other members or groups within the CSEP community.
  • To take a proactive role in the long term planning of the society.
  • To ensure effective transition and continuity between old and new council, through documentation and orientation.
  • Shall be accountable for all its actions to the CSEP Boards of Directors and the CSEP student membership.

Decision making within the GSC

Motions to be considered by the GSC must be presented in writing to the GSC Chair and must be supported by at least 2 GSC executive members. Following a period of discussion, the GSC executive will vote on committee motions. The GSC executive will adopt motions after a majority vote is completed. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. In the event of a tied vote due to the absence of executive members or due to an executive member abstaining from the vote, the Chair will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Meeting Schedule

The GSC will meet in-person annually at the CSEP annual meeting. The Chair will review GSC accomplishments at the CSEP annual meeting and prioritize new/continuing initiatives for the coming year.

Further correspondence will occur via email and/or by conference call. It is expected that the GSC will communicate via email at least once per month.

The GSC will communicate with the general student membership by publishing an email communiqué each semester. Material for the communiqué will be contributed by GSC representatives and CSEP student members in the form of articles, commentaries, etc. of interest to the CSEP student membership.

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