CSEP Graduate Student Committee Executive Council 2013-2014

Last updated 14 November 2013

Donna Photo

Jason Au

Basic Information
Network: McMaster University
Position: Chair

Personal Information
Activities: soccer, curling, piano, crosswords & wine
Research Interests: Impact of exercise interventions on arterial health in individuals with spinal cord injuries.

About me: Who knew that a simple idea like exercise could be so complex? I certainly didn't, but after university, I have a great deal of respect for the intricate interaction between exercise and our bodies. Whether it be competition, trying a new sport or escaping the lab for a quick run, sport and exercise are a large part of my story where research in exercise physiology is just another exciting chapter about to be played out!

Grad school: McMaster University, MSc candidate

Brittany Photo

Brittany Gadzosa

Basic Information
Network: University of Saskatchewan
Position: Chair-elect

Personal Information
Activities: Cooking, traveling, running, reading and rock climbing
Research Interests: Changes in reproductive and metabolic hormones in obese states, specifically in females and children.

About me: I have always loved being active, whether it was running around outside or playing organized sports. Naturally my love of movement led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in kinesiology. Now in my Masters, I have an even greater appreciation for the amazing health benefits of physical activity and exercise! As I progress through my degree and future career path, I want to continue to educate others on the positive effects of incorporating just a little bit more movement or physical activity can have on their lives.

Grad school: University of Saskatchewan, MSc candidate

Jenna Gillen

Basic Information
Network: McMaster University
Position: Communications Officer

Personal Information
Activities: Staying active, cooking, baking and spending time with family and friends.
Research Interests: The effect of high-intensity interval training on skeletal muscle remodeling and markers of disease risk in overweight men and women.

About me: Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle has always been important to me so an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology was an obvious choice. It wasn’t until my fourth year however that I realized I could continue learn even more about one of my greatest hobbies through research. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to investigate the effects of exercise on the human body and am very passionate about finding ways to translate my research to the general public.

Grad school: McMaster University, PhD Candidate

Karine Perreault

Basic Information
Network: Université de Sherbrooke
Position: Social Media Director

Personal Information
Activities: running, biking, traveling, enjoying all kind of cultural activities, keeping in touch with the world through social media and of course having fun with friends, coworkers and my lovely fiancée
Research Interests: The impact of exercise and nutrition interventions on biomarkers and risk factors associated with cardiometabolic diseases

About me: I am a full-time grad student in exercise physiology and a part-time research professional at Université de Sherbrooke. Physical activity and sports have always had an important place in my life, either as a way of bonding with other people through sports or simply to challenge myself and feel good in my body and my mind. Throughout grad studies and as a lecturer at Université de Sherbrooke, I have discovered myself a keen interest for knowledge transfer and science popularization. Hopefully I will get the chance to explore that field a little bit more during the rest of my graduate studies!

Grad school: Université de Sherbrooke, MSc candidate

Scott Frendo-Cumbo

Basic Information
Network: University of Guelph
Position: Member at large / Newsletter committee

Personal Information
Activities: watching movies, playing squash, listening to music, and exercising
Research Interests: Exercise and dietary interventions in liver and adipose tissue metabolism

About me: My involvement in exercise and sport began as a source of enjoyment and healthy competition, but evolved into a more physiological and mechanistic interest during my undergraduate degree. Exercise physiology classes sparked my passion and led me to question the potential of exercise to manipulate whole body and tissue specific physiology.

Grad school: University of Guelph, MSc candidate

Ruth Brown

Basic Information
Network: York University
Position: Member at Large / Newsletter Committee

Personal Information
Activities: hiking with my dog, running, yoga, cooking, reading
Research interests:Â physical activity, obesity, metabolic health and mortality risk

About me: I believe that exercise can prevent and solve most health issues, and that physical activity is good for the body, mind, and soul. I have participated in sports and recreational activities my whole life and love that I am able to research how physical activity affects different populations.Â

Grad school: York University, PhD candidate

Greg Pearcey

Basic Information
Network: Memorial University
Position: Member at large / AGM Liaison

Personal Information
Activities: Hockey, football, weightlifting, golf, skiing, hiking and socializing
Research Interests: The effects of various types of exercise and skill acquisition on the plasticity of the corticospinal pathway

About me: Throughout adolescence and my teenage years, I was infatuated by all aspects of sports and exercise. I never believed that I would be fortunate enough to apply my passion for sports and exercise to a career that I truly love. Research on the neural control of movement has opened my eyes to what truly separates humans from robots in our ever so quickly evolving society.

Grad school: Memorial University, MSc Student

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