A 50th anniversary celebration of CSEP member contributions to the understanding of exercise physiology: a focus on exercise neuroscience

February 8, 2017

Several CSEP members have contributed significantly to our knowledge in the field of exercise neuroscience since the 1970’s and this article gives a brief description of these activities.

#CSEPTurns50 - Message from CSEP Chair

January 27, 2017

CSEP, originally known as the Canadian Association of Sport Sciences, was officially announced at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg in 1967. Read about how CSEP started and activities planned for the year in a message from CSEP Chair Phil Chilibeck.

Canadian Contributions to the understanding of physiology: a focus on bone

January 11, 2017

Canadians have made substantial contributions to the research on exercise and bone; this review aims to provide an overview of that history

CSEP Member Contributions to the understanding of physiology: a focus on molecular biology approaches

December 10, 2016

The third article focuses on molecular biology approaches and looks at some of the key CSEP contributors who have used molecular biology methods to advance our knowledge of the effects of exercise on whole body fitness and health.

Canadian contributions to Pediatric Exercise Physiology

November 9, 2016

Canadian researchers have had a monumental impact in the area of pediatric exercise physiology worldwide, not ‘just’ in Canada. The developments in pediatric exercise physiology globally and in Canada, are described below, highlighting major events and leading contributors (see Bioboxes).

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