CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® (CSEP-CPT)

Effective September 1, 2013:

Changes to the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice take effect September 1, 2013. Visit the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice page or download the PDF document with details of the changes.


What is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®?

A CSEP-CPT administers the CSEP-PATH to healthy populations, develops and implements a tailored physical activity, fitness and lifestyle plan. The minimum requirement to become a CSEP-CPT is a 2 year College diploma or 2 year University degree credits in the 6 core areas. CSEP-CPTs are covered by professional liability insurance to work within the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice. See other benefits of being certified with CSEP.

How do I get certified?

1. Apply


2. Workshop & Exam

It is recommended that you take a workshop before taking the Theory and Practical exams. The examination process must be started within 1 year of submitting your application. After the succesfull completion of your first exam (theory or practical), you have 6 months from that date to complete the other exam and register with CSEP.


Workshops are scheduled on an as-needed basis based on demand from applications. Some workshops are also scheduled in advance. Check our workshop and exam page for upcoming dates, or contact certifications@csep.ca to find a workshop near you.

Theory Exam:

Once your application has been accepted, you will be emailed a Letter of Approval which outlines how to pay for and schedule your theory exam. To pay for your theory exam you will need to own a CSEP-PATH manual which comes with a registration code that is required when paying for your exam. For more information on the theory exam click check our workshop and exam page.

Practical Exam:

Practical exams are scheduled on an as-needed basis based on demand from applications. Some practical exams are also scheduled in advance. Check our workshop and exam page for upcoming dates, or contact certifications@csep.ca to find an exam near you.


3. Register

Once you have passed the exams, you are eligible to register for your CSEP certification! Submit the Online New Member Registration Form with the required documentation, including your annual certification fee.


4. Maintain

In order to maintain your certification, your Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial General Liablity Insurance coverage, you must:

  • Renew your certification by March 31* of each year
  • Keep your CPR current (i.e., recertify CPR ‘C’ every year)
    CSEP will ONLY accept certificates for CPR courses or CPR re-certifications that are delivered entirely in person and include a practical component. On-line CPR courses will not be accepted.
  • Acquire 30 professional development credits (PDC) every two years (see the PDC chart). Members are encouraged to select quality professional development opportunities that will enhance their knowledge and expertise in the areas of health-related fitness applications for both apparently healthy populations. Please contact us if you are not sure about your next required PDC submission date.

If you change your address or contact information, we highly recommend updating your profile in the CSEP Online Member Directory.

*If you do not renew by March 31, your profesisonal liability insurance coverage will be suspended, including for claims regarding incidents which took place prior to March 31, until you renew or until you purchase continuation coverage. If you let your certification lapse for more than 2 months (i.e. if you do not renew by May 31 of the year your membership expired), you will forfeit your certification and it will be necessary to re-apply and re-take the examinations.

Renewals for 2014-2015 are now closed. 



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If you are a current CSEP-CPT, you can subscribe to CSEP's journal, APNM, for only $20/year (plus GST). Phone CSEP at 1-877-651-3755 x226 to subscribe