CSEP Certified Personal Trainer® (CSEP-CPT)

Effective September 1, 2013:

Changes to the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice take effect September 1, 2013. Visit the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice page or download the PDF document with details of the changes.


What is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®?

A CSEP-CPT administers the CSEP-PATH to healthy populations, develops and implements a tailored physical activity, fitness and lifestyle plan. The minimum requirement to become a CSEP-CPT is a 2 year College diploma or 2 year University degree credits in the 6 core areas. CSEP-CPTs are covered by professional liability insurance to work within the CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice. See other benefits of being certified with CSEP.

How do I get certified?

STEP 1:   Application

Submit the following documents to the CSEP-CPT instructor/examiner or to CSEP:

  • Your college/university transcripts (to ensure you meet all the necessary core competency areas)
  • A completed CSEP-CPT Application Form (pdf)
  • CSEP-CPT Prerequisites
  • List of College Diploma Programs that meet the CSEP standards and deliver the CSEP Certifications (coming soon). 

Step 2:   Workshop

It is recommended that all candidates attend a workshop for the appropriate training and preparation for the CSEP national examination. However, a well-prepared candidate, who has met all the prerequisites, may challenge the examination process without taking the workshop.

  • Visit the CSEP-CPT exam page for dates/locations of workshops.
  • Knowledge of the CSEP-PATH manual is mandatory, and the CSEP-CPT Candidate's Certification Guide is highly recommended (some instructors may require both resoures). You can order these and other resources online from the CSEP store.

Step 3:   Examination

All candidates must successfully complete a theory and practical examination (in person).

Step 4:   Registration

All candidates must register and become a CSEP member with the Registration Form (PDF). Annual membership fees will apply which include a mandatory insurance policy (ie professional and commercial liability). 

How do I maintain my certification?

  • renew your certification by March 31 of each year at http://store.csep.ca/ keep your CPR current (ie., recertify CPR ‘C’ every year)
  • submit 30 professional development credits (PDC) every two years (see the PDC chart). Members are encouraged to select quality professional development opportunities that will enhance their knowledge and expertise in the areas of health- related fitness applications for both apparently healthy populations. Please contact us if you are not sure about your next required PDC submission date.

CSEP-CPT Reinstatement: If a CSEP-CPT member does not renew his/her status on the anniversary (March 31/yr) date then his/her certification is no longer active and he/she loses insurance coverage effective immediately until such time that the renewal process has been completed and the membership fees have been paid. If the renewal process is not completed within 9 months of the anniversary date (Dec 31), then the applicant will be required to retake and successfully pass both the CSEP-CPT theory and practical exams along with any other requirements stated for a new member in order to reinstate his/her certification.

If you change your address or contact information, we highly recommend updating your profile in the CSEP Online Member Directory.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, consult the CSEP-CPT Frequently Asked Questions, the CSEP-CPT Candidate's Certification Guide, and the CSEP-PATH manual. For specific questions about your certification status, contact us.

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