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# CSEP Store #


Purchase fitness publications from the CSEP, including manuals, certification guides, accessories, and other useful resources.

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# Position Stands #
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The CSEP currently has three position stands.

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# Knowledge Translation #
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Knowledge Translation articles were originally published in the CSEP member newsletter, Communiqué

CSEP Research Connections is an upcoming section of the website with updates on the latest research in the field.

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# PAR-Q forms #

Download PDF copies of the current PAR-Q and  PARmed-X for Pregnancy). 

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# Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines #

Download or purchase printed copies of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines:

Also available from www.csep.ca/guidelines:

  • Additional resources for the Guidelines
  • CSEP Guidelines Handbook
  • Guidelines for special populations and in other languages

Or go directly to the CSEP Store or download the Guidelines order form to purchase printed copies

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# APNM Journal #

Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism is CSEP's official journal. APNM is published by NRC Research Press.


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