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The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a 1-page form to see if you should check with your doctor before becoming much more physically active.

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire-Plus (PAR-Q+) is a 4-page form for pre-screening prior to physical activity participation and includes additional questions on chronic conditions for further probing by the qualified exercise professional
Physician's Clearance Form
CSEP-CPTs with clients who answer YES to one or more questions on PAR-Q+ (pp. 2-3), must obtain physicians' clearance.  The form at right may be used for this purpose.
PARmed-X for Pregnancy (2013) Move for Two DVD
Middlesex London Health Unit

The PARmed-X for Pregnancy is a 4-page guideline for health screening prior to participation in a prenatal fitness class or other exercise. For use by health care providers and fitness professionals.

Active Living during pregnancy benefits you and your baby for life! Move for Two answers many questions that women ask about how to be active in a safe and healthy way during pregnancy.  This DVD provides an easy to follow, versatile workout that has something for all pregnant women.

Starting with expert advice from Dr. Michelle Mottola, Director of the Exercise and Pregnancy Lab at Western University, you will learn about the importance of being physically active during pregnancy, the short and long term benefits to you and your baby as well as important precautions when exercising and much more.


If you plan to reproduce the PAR-Q form in another publication, please see our permissions page for information about requesting permission. (Permission is not required to photocopy the form for personal or clinical use)


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